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FOX Vakanties

FOX Vakanties, the internet travel organisation specialising in far off
destinations and a 100% subsidiary of ANWB, will become the resident
of a unique tailormade new office in Hoofddorp. ANWB will become
owners of the new building. The colours and scents of the world can
be found in the architecture and design.

Working closely with the developer and interior designer, Buro Bogaarts Interiordesign, the building will be fully equipped to meet all required specifications. An important component
of the new building is the travel theatre. It is here that many events will take place, events which are an ideal means for preparation to far away destinations and travel. This feature of the building couples nicely to the Park 20|20 concept whereby 24/7 activity and industriousness are pursued. The theatre can also be blocked off separately for use by
third parties if necessary. The sustainable nature of the building and its ambition for a BREEAM-score Excellent links well with FOX Vakanties aim to realise their own sustainable objectives, alongside their core business. The first quarter of 2012 this should be the new home for the approximate 100 employers of this dynamic organisation.

BREEAM - documents:   110615_overzicht_BREEAM_FOX